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I defend my thesis August 3rd. The job prospect looks excellent, and I will be rid of the crappy insurance if I get the benefits. My current health insurance, via Obamacare, is Kaiser Permanente. AVOID. They're half my problem.

Still not sleeping well, but the stress is huge. I quit writing my egotistical pdoc (the one who interrupts every sentence of mine), and I just get the blood work done and refill the meds. If I hit his numbers, I must feel better, right? Because to him, it's all generic diagnostics. Circumstance had nothing to do with it.

I'll miss my primary when I change providers. She's been great. And I'll be a lot more careful choosing a pdoc next time. The mania, if that's what it is, is bearable. But the anxiety and the damn bowel problems are not. I fart like a longshoreman anymore; sorry to offend, but I sound like a horse in a barn now when I break wind. Probably IBS from the stress, so there's more than just mania involved. 

Stull no depressive episodes. None. Ever. Not one. And no evidence that my pdoc diagnosed mania "under normal conditions," which is the baseline for a BP diagnosis, and exactly what I haven't had for three years.

Did a cardiac treadmill test. That was normal. The dreaded colonoscopy comes later this year.

So there you have it. I'll be looking for a pdoc who listens -- and diagnoses correctly. 

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Good luck on your thesis almost being done!  That will be a huge relief I think when it is finished.

I hope you get better insurance once you switch over.  And that you can find a better pdoc once you do that. Maybe when you are choosing one, you could kind of interview them over the phone a little, to see if you get a sense if they'd be right for you.  Also ask if they have a specialty (like has a good rep for treating SZ, bipolar, depression,etc), especially if you are looking for a pdoc who specializes in what you are looking for.

I can empathize with the IBS problems.  Having the same problem myself and it really sucks.  I was just put on Bentyl (dicyclomine) for it.  It kind of helps, but not completely.

I'm glad the treadmill test came back normal!

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