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Well, while grocery shopping my pdoc calls me on my cell phone to tell me to go back to the lab for another blood panel.

I have had those once a week for the last month and a half, a couple times to monitor carbamazepine blood levels, but mostly, from what I could understand, to check on my platelets (white blood cells) because they were on the edge of the low end of normal. I went for the last one a week ago, on the understanding that it was to check blood levels of Tegretol (I recently upped my dose, to 500mg/day) and that there would be no more for a while.

So he calls me esterday and says that he received my last blood test results and that as per recommended guidelines I have to have another blood test because my platelets levels are low. And on top of that (the scary part) when I asked if this was a serious concern, he says that well, maybe it's just the stress I've been under...


And then says we need to dicuss things at the next appointment (Jan 5). He is now out of town for the holidays.

wtf???  what is this? anyone have any freaking clue? is my immune system shot or something?

I am kinda scared...

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If your immune system were decidedly shot, you'd be at the emergency room right now.  What you're dealing with are some sketchy test results which needed closer follow-up than anticipated.  That's probably okay.  If you start exhibiting the danger signs you listed, then it's probably not okay and you would need immediate treatment. 

You asked if it was a serious concern, the answer, though qualified, was not yes.  On the basis of what you've shared, I think your survival until January 5 is assured. 

At least he didn't say to keep the front door open and the car running, just in case.  A doctor told that to my parents once when I was young and TOTALLY flipped them out.  ;)

I leave the biology lesson to those more geeky than I. 

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Whew...I can breathe easier now.

Okay. If I know what's going on, things are much easier physchologically. So, I am not sure if I am low on one or the other (white cells or platelets) or even on both, because I've heard him mention both, I think, at different times. but, I will watch for bruising. And infection/fever/feeling unwell. And will have my blood tested for good measure. And stay miles away from anyone sneezing or coughing whenever possible. Fine. I feel better knowing what it is and what to do.

It is great to have a doctor around...thanks.

Glad to know I am not neccesarily going to spend my holidays in the ER. I don't give a hoot about dying, but hospitals suck.

I have heard of using garlic as an inmmue system support...I wonder if it may help? after all, it is flu season.

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