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What's a good AD?

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I realize this is a broad question.  I always thought Wellbutrin was the best AD (specifically for depression) the world has ever seen.  And, I'm still on that, but capped at 300mg d/t seizures.  Although, my neurologist said I could *try* to take more, but he doesn't really know if my AEDs would work or not.

Anyway, I started Brintellix 3 weeks ago... so far, no side effects, and no therapeutic effects (at 20mg/day).  I've tried a lot of the other ones too... depression usually isn't a really horrible thing for me, but I can't find an antidepressant that works.

Any suggestions?

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I'm on prozac, and the biggest thing I notice taking it is that when the dose is lowered too much, I become very weepy and it is hard to keep from crying from anything, big or small.


ETA:  I'm also on wellbutrin, but that helps my energy level more than anything.

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It's a game of pulling straws and hoping you don't get the shortest one, no one can really say which is better because it's very subjective. I think most people first do with fluoxetine/prozac because it's a very well known and it's half life is very long so it makes coming off it a lot easier than other antidepressants and also good if you're not very good with remembering to take medication.

I watched a good video a few days ago about explained a number of SSRIs quite well, in a medical/scientific way. It's very long but it might help.

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Out of the ssri class Celexa, Lexapro and Paxil keep me going for years.  I tend towards agitated depression and have anxiety so I need a med that's more sedating.  I just started back up on Paxil a few days ago as I wasn't having any luck with other meds.

Wellbutron was a nightmare for me.  It was too activating.

This was a helpful link for me when looking at ssri ad.




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Celexa (citalopram) is the only SSRI that has ever helped me. Wellbutrin never helped and the tricyclics gave me too many side effects. I wasn't on Effexor long enough to render an opinion on it.

The thing is that meds affect us all differently and polling people on which meds have helped them isn't going to help you. There isn't a best antidepressant; there are only good ones for your particular brain chemistry but you won't know what they are until you try some out.

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