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Hi all.

So, for a quick bit of current background, if I have certain additives, primarily certain food colourings, I get an assortment of hallucinations, delusions, mixed manic episodes, and dissociation (depending on what I've had, how much and how I'm feeling). The hallucinations tend to be the worst and most common side effect. They're normally manageable and quite mild when I'm not at my best, but they rocket if I've accidentally eaten the wrong thing.
I sometimes ate them as a teenager on purpose to basically get high/tripped out, but the content of the hallucinations have gotten a lot worse so it's far from fun now.

So, from about three months old to 2yo, I was on medication that was loaded with them, until my parents totally cut any of those additives out my diet completely.

I've done some reading, but does anyone have any experience or ideas on hallucinations or psychosis symptoms in babies/toddlers? I have some ideas, and it makes some sense to me, but I'm not seeing my therapist for a while to talk to her about it. Any help? Thanks

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From what I've read apparently you're more prone to hallucinations, especially visual ones when you're young. When I was little I would see a face in the foam in the headrests of our car's seats, I'd used to scream and cry if my siblings removed the backs of these headrests. I don't know just how common it is but I think most children will experience some sort of hallucination in those early development years though.

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