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my doc didn't tell me this before I started T!

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I didn't write this.  I stumbled across this in one of my facebook groups.

witty, well thought-out, and awesome

some of the terminology may not be what you use to describe body parts, so use caution.



  1. You’re going to fucking stink to high heaven. That’s puberty. Get a good deodorant, shave your armpits or become a hermit. Even then, you’ll still probably stink.
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I like that he sent nudes of himself to Pizza Hut. Why Pizza Hut? What were they supposed to do about it?

If cis guys can’t control their urine streams while intoxicated, you sure as hell can’t.

[/quote] And as someone who has to clean up after parties... don't do it unless you're in your own home so that I don't have to know about it.

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