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When are CBD AP coming to save us?

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I believe Cheesecake is right. CBD is supposed to be the part which is actually helpful and the idea is to split it from THC or something. No doubt though that it'll have it's own nasty side effects for some people like any drug. No doubt the children will be much rather willing to try that because of its link with cannabis with its cool factor and hipness. /groan

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This article from pubmed says cannabinoids need to be studied, but raises no expected projections of results.

Just skimming looking for an on point article did not make it seem like they were having huge success. I say this as a frequent pot user, I'm not trying to scold.

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That seems to sum up what I was listening to in the BBC Radio programme, this woman was saying than cannabis is much stronger these days than it used to be in the form of skunk because it's been grown to have less CDC in it. As I said though, I think there is a chance that CDC could be used for an antipsychotic medicine but, yeah, don't get your hopes up, it'll be years before trails go anywhere before the red tape is touched.

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I actually spoke with a rep from GW Meadows the makers of Sativex, they have a number of medications in the pipelines some to the point of phase 3 trials.  One in particular for schizophrenia which they told me they would be more than happy to facilitate me joining it were I in Europe where they are taking place. :/  The European study takes patients on two medications, a mood stabilizer and an antipsychotic, they switch the mood stabilizer with CBD.  The MayoClinic has it on its website that CBD in doses of 800mg's orally BID can be as effective as Amisulpride but without any major side effects.  Coming to a theater near you, sooner than you think.  Just imagine, we could all replace Depakote with CBD and be like 20lbs lighter, without liver damage risk, etc....

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    Deciding that since this CBD oil is both available commercially(http://www.biocbdplus.com/product/gel-concentrate) and through the medical program in Massachusetts one would figure why wait?  After getting my doctors on board we finished the papercuts and I then visited a cannabis doctor who I spoke with for about 45 minutes, after which one applies for the medical card and waits.  (I suffer from 3 conditions which allow for its usage.)  Finding the magical oil or flower is a bit of the quest itself as one might be told we are in a CBD drought.  The plant is difficult to get to grow a decent yield among other things compared to its psychoactive cousin, yet after finally finding the strain Harlequin which is high CBD and almost no THC I would say I am ready to taper off the Depakote and use only Latuda.(30mg)  It has the same if not better complimenting effects as the Depakote, yet it also relieves other ailments while removing the need for Cogentin to take away the akathisia present from the Latuda.  It truly has been an eye opening miracle, minute amounts of this oil have no intoxicating effects, yet completely mitigates both side effects of medications and improves symptoms to the point of complete nullification.  If biocbdplus is half as good as they claim it to be, we won't even need FDA fast track status for this stuff to change the paradigm of an endlessly medicated patient, to one which is supplemented easily with non toxic over the counter supplements and lives a comparably much more normal life.

Enjoy the new year,


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^^ I think it is for some people.  It is for some epileptics. (I've heard the anecdotal stories, but haven't looked into it a lot, with studies done).  Have you heard of this:



General articles about it:



"But we must let the science, and not anecdotal success stories and high media interest, lead this national discussion. Taking CBD in a controlled medical setting is vastly different from going to a state where medical marijuana is legal and experimenting with dosing and CBD strains."




Some people who have PTSD (although it has not been studied enough according to this article):


Other links:  https://www.google.com/search?q=marijuana+PTSD&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

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