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I had a pdoc appointment today. As I had anticipated, she changed my Wellbutrin dose. I was on 75mgs twice a day. She changed it to 200mgs of the Wellbutrin SR(generic version) in the morning. I took my first dose today, but I know it's way too soon to get the full effect. I'm hoping to hear some other people have had success with SR Wellbutrin. If so, what dose were you on?, and how long did it take to notice an effect? I will say that I was drowsy today(as I usually am), but when I tried to lay down for a nap, I couldn't fall asleep. I don't know if that was due to Wellbutrin or not.

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as jt said, the SR version isn't a full day's coverage.  if you find yourself "crashing" in the afternoons, you might want to ask your pdoc about the extended release version instead.  i've been on and off wellbutrin several times and this has always been the case for me (i'm on 300mg of the extended release currently).  the last increase for me was only two weeks ago, and i could feel the difference in about a week (which seems miraculous when you're used to waiting forever!).

at first i did feel that sort of drowsiness after taking it, but after a few days that wore off.  it definitely keeps me from sleeping during the day.

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Wellbutrin SR is really designed to be taken a couple times a day. Its the Wellbutrin XL that you can take only once a day. Also, if I understand correctly, your dose increase was only 50 mg?

Yes. It only went up 50 mgs. She said something about me needing to be on it for at least a month

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