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Over the years I've learned good coping skills for anxiety, panic attacks and intrusive thoughts.  Now I need skills to help me when the depression hits hard. 

I just started therapy. My new therapist wants me to meditate .I'm using guided meditations on ytube. 

We will be working on other ways to cope in future sessions.

If anyone has suggestions on how they cope, I'd love to hear. 

Thanks in advance!

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I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with depression.  It's good that you started therapy.

When I get very depressed, I have trouble with motivation but once I actually do stuff I sometimes feel a little better.  So I use a lot of to-do lists, because I get satisfaction from crossing things off. I break tasks down into tiny steps.  Sometimes I'll start a to-do list with stuff I've already done, like 1.  Get up 2. Make to-do list.  Then I put one tiny tasks that gives me a feeling of accomplishment, like getting the mail.  

I also try to make my life easier, to allow for my lack of energy. Like planning on getting take-out for dinner, instead of cooking much. Or picking up really easy food at the store, like canned soup and frozen pizza.  I know it might not be great nutritionally, but I'm a big believer in making life easy when you have to. 

I also try to go outside more, because it improves my mood.  


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I have just thought of something that might be useful you could do prior or between spells of depression and that is like a survival guide you could make, list down some things that would help lift your mood, things that won't work against any amotivation you may struggle with. It could be reminiscing on moments in your life that make you laugh, pieces of music that are lively, positive or inspirational, maybe buy some new music or film and keep it back for these times so you have something to look forward to.

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Get a Pinterest account and create a board of funny/silly/nice stuff to look at when you feel bad. Mine has cute animals, silly videos, quotes I like, nice scenery etc etc... it's quite fun to add to it too.

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