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Have you ever had a moment when your having a conversation in your head and then realise you were having it out loud complete with hand gestures in a crowded shopping center?

Everyone was looking at me like I was a crazy person! ( I may be but that's not the point).

I just want to curl up under my blanket and never have to face another human being again.

I'm so embarrassed.

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I'm more prone to laughing at what others in my head are saying. So that I randomly burst out laughing seemingly out of nowhere. I do do the hand gestured conversations at times too though. I try not to be embarrassed and, if people are looking at me, tell them I'm in rehearsals and that the show's in a month. 

I wish it was easier though. It's so hard and that's not fair. Stigma sucks. Life's hard enough already.

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I'm sorry that happened.  Are these people who you will run into ever again?  When I do something embarrassing, one thing I do is think how these are people who I will probably never see in my life again, and they can think whatever they want.  And then i don't care what I do/have done.

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Absolutely. In fact people have told me I look like an LSD addict tripping balls when I go out in public because the mix of me not being able to walk properly, constantly forgetting to watch where I am going and talking to absolutely nobody out loud looks very strange, apparently. 

It bothers me, but in reality, its part of who I am and how I live life, so fuck what other people think. It's only their perception, after all. That doesn't change who I am, what I'm actually experiencing or any of the like. 


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