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DR's did this switch and i am getting worse

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Hey I was on effexor 225 for a couple of years i started to go downhill a bit my dr switched me to pristique i was on it for two months


At first it seemed to be better pristique 100mg but then i started going downhill with anxiety and depression fast so they put me back on the effexor yesterday and i feel horrible


Has anyone been through this? Is this normal?

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Pristiq is an active metabolite of Effexor. If Effexor stopped working, it's not surprising that Pristiq would not be terribly effective. You need to contact your pdoc and ask what other options are available. 

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hey he is putting me on, my shrink that is, putting me on cybalta i am really nervous because i suffer with ocd and gad


\i havent read much good things about it and ive tried all the \ssri's its either this or trintalix\/ that new med that is out


\i start it tommorrow 

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