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Anyone on 'Regular' Wellbutrin?

Guest shigg

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I have previously been on Wellbutrin XL.

My Doc recently rx'd me what he called regular Wellbutrin (which I presume is SR...standard release?) for sexual problems from my Zoloft.

My doc specifically instructed me to take it two hours before sex...so in essence, Wellbutrin on an as needed basis, because I'm not getting laid daily. 

It makes me wonder if I will be using this stuff "recreationally" like Jerrod referred to on crazymeds.us...

bare in mind it is a low dose, like 75mg I believe...

what should I expect...the same sort of reaction from the XL?

thanks all


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I assume since you're taking 75 mgs that your doc prescribed you Wellbutrin immediate/instant release.  I've never taken that particular flavor myself but I've taken both the SR and the XL (currently 450 mg's) and noticed slight differences between the two.  I don't know how you reacted to the XL but my guess is that the immedate release will have an activating/stimulating effect.

When my dosage was increased from 300 mgs to 450 mgs, I noticed a definite increase in my 'feistiness' (er, libido).  It went from absolutely nothing to an occasional desire, which is a huge improvement from where it was.  It doesn't sound like it, but... it was  ;)

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somehow, i was one rx'd wellbutrin.  not sr (sustained release), and this was pre xl. (xl is extended release.  SR long enough for twice daily dosing, XL is once daily, no release mechanism is... um... INSTANT)

regullar wellbutrin was fucking bizarre.  about 15 minutes after i took it i'd feel AWESOME, then an hour later i'd be in tears. 

it was a dopamine rollercoaster HELL.

if you got plain old wellbutrin and not SR, i'd ask your doc to give you SR and take it in the afternoon on days you want to be frisky.  the non SR goes in and out of your system SO fast that it's really unpleasant.

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