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Bipolar 1 DO?

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Sorry, I know this question has been asked before, but what does DO mean? I have it on my paperwork from the pdoc and I didn't notice till I got home.

I have BP1, but DO? 

Sorry for probably a dumb question...

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It's weird... it said BP1 for last few visits, now BP1 DO... I know there are much more important things in the world, but I was just curious if anyone else had had this. (and yes, I know I can ask my pdoc and I will - just wanted to see if any of you knew first...)

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no actual clue, but here are two theories:

1. could it have anything to do with the type of your most recent episode? the portal for my provider indicates that for me. I can't imagine what DO would stand for in that case though...

2. they've changed the way they record/report diagnoses and it really just stands for "disorder"

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