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So tired...admittedly, I've been having daily panic attacks, nearly broke it off with my beloved Mr Crazypants, and quit my job for what I think are good reasons to do so...

I am exhausted. I am taking the day off, though I will walk the dogs once the sun goes down...if I feel up to it maybe a bicycle?

The thing is, I need to get into another job soon, get the enrollment rolling for college, yaddayadda. 

I can tell my immune system is knocked down somewhat, I have a cold sore on my lip.  That only tends to happen when the weather changes, usually? ...I took one caffeine pill, drank 3 cups of coffee, am using albuterol because of my lungs...still exhausted...

Trying to take extra vitamins, take extra supplements, and eat super-nutritiously.  Tomorrow I have to crank up and get stuff DONE, regardless of feeling exhausted.

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