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People tell me I was never told 'No' as A Child

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People point out to me that I tend to argue and sale pitch when people say No to me because as a Child I was allegedly never really been told many "No's" but I had never really noticed it anyhow...

but yeah I do become really annoyed when people say 'No' to me but that gives me energy to make a better argument and make people Agree and it usually works. Most of the times I win debates and if I'm making a deal with someone I can be quite efficient at it and strike a better deal

...I mean its sure a useful thing to have ..that irritability which is transferred to motivation .

I mean .. I have never really hurt anyone, so this is a good skill right, not an issue?

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It is a useful skill if indeed you are trying to purchase something for a lower price.

Not such a useful skill to apply in a situation where the relationship is more important than what you are trying to get, or your self respect is more important than what you are trying to get.

Skills are contextually useful.

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From a professional standpoint, I think that kind of skill would make you stellar at sales, as long as you remained ethical in your dealings.

On a personal level, if you didn't have other very nice qualities - big on compassion, empathy, loyalty, etc. - I'd avoid you, considering you to be a jerk, or at the very least pushy.  

You say you've never really hurt anyone, but how do you know?  Some people aren't going to tell you you've done that, because they'd rather avoid your aggression.

And I certainly hope you accept NO as NO in sexual relationships.

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It isn't just sexual consent, though (although that is super-duper important!). There needs to be give and take in a relationship in all things: groceries, where to go on a date, etc. If you get your way 100% of the time in all areas that aren't sexual the you're still undervaluing your partner by a significant margin. They aren't your partner if they don't have equal say.

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I'm in general concurrence with everyone else, it's all about the context. Being dedicated to persuasion in business and negotiation, great.In personal relationships, it can come across as pushy and overstep boundaries. Maybe examine why you get so affronted at being refused? 

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