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Something that I think really explains some shit pretty well

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So, I was youtube surfing and came across this just now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RljdJzA1nhk

While it had some random batshit and comical stuff, I really liked the message.

I've found that so often myself, and likely others, with depression get frowned upon by not always seeing the "sunshine"... or worse, ppl and even docs who believe CBT means taking a positive view rather than simply correcting overly negative thoughts with realistic ones.  Life isn't all daises.  It frankly, often sucks.

Now, I'll admit that there likely is a type of "depressive" black/white thinking.  I've never been out of it so I don't have that opposing view to contradict anything.  To me, it's just natural thought.  But there's enough people that I respect that vouch for it, for me to accept that as a likely reality.  At the same time though, I don't believe my thinking is essentially wrong either.

So, I was surprised to come across this which has an optimistic happy view... but at the same time, holds the same logic that I do.  I think it makes a lot of sense.  It seems to be essentially my viewpoint and how I think, without the cloudy haze of constant depression.  It's also very validating.  It shows that even happy, positive people can believe that it's better to be pleasantly surprised when reality surpasses expectations, than to be hurt when life doesn't live up to it.  Having a goal of being realistic doesn't make bad things happen just because there's a greater chance that you won't have a great outcome.  That's what I believe any way.

I think this gets that point across better than I can.

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Thanks :)

I tend to really like her too.  She has honesty is spades.  I always appreciate that.


I'm glad It was helpful empty!  I was surprised to find something that explained so well what I often have a hard time expressing.

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