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I'm experiencing arousal out the wazoo since I titrated from 100 to 200. I'm talking going from a few times a week (except during PMS when it might be more) to feeling it for multiple hours at a time 3-5 times a day!

Not that I mind. It's just a little inconvenient. 

Anyone else had this? I usually hear about decreased sex drive so I'm wondering how unusual this is...

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Any medication can cause the opposite of its expected result. It's called a paradoxical effect. As long as it doesn't get crazy out of hand, it looks like your body chose a good one to have.

Also, since it is a side effect, it may become weaker over time.

Oh, and I'm moving this to mood stabilizers.

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hah,   yes I have have  that. Lamictal put my sex drive in over drive. I have heard it called the viagra of pysch meds.  Men or Women.

It did ease a bit over time.  But the quality of my orgasm is still effing amazing. Quantity and quality are still good, but more manageable than initially. 

Be careful, it can talk you into doing bad things.  I was needing release about 5 times a day.  If I did not take care of business  I would either spontaneously orgasm, (usually while driving) or at night while sleeping.  

It also intensified manic hyper sexual episodes. 

It is fun though. 

Enjoy it while is lasts.

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