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A Brand Nubian FauxReaL

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Greetings my fellow venom spewing crazies... My real name is Hendrix. My family calls me Henry. My homies call me Drix. You can call me FauxReaL.

I'm diagnosed with Bi-Polar 2, Borderline Personality, and ADHD. I take Wellbutrin, Lithium, Gabapentin and Zyprexa. Sometimes I go off my meds and get inebriated on cough syrup, benzedrex inhalers, or good ol fashioned booze and cigarettes like a true goddamn american. I tend to do foolish things when I'm intoxicated,. I become a clammoring buffoon that thrashes about and leaves behind him a trail of potvalient devastation... but I've been sober and on meds for a few weeks now. 

Life is hectic. I can't pay my rent. I'm staying with my mom. I'm moving out of my apartment and into my dad's crib out in the middle of bumfuckin country bumpkin no-where... No internet down there. It's kind of a bitch but I can stay sober living there... My existence is tumultuous but I find beauty in the strangest places. That's life. It's like rap music. A whole lot of filler lines with brief moments of extreme serenity. My efforts to survive and function are only thwarted as much as they are embraced. Yin and Yang....

I make Hip-Hop music and art. I quit graffiti at 18 after 6 years going hard in the paint. I traded that hobby for music. I produce beats. I'm aight. Typically instrumental trip-hoppish shit like Blockhead or Nujabes. I rap. I'm aight. I use a heavily multi-syllabic flow with precision in my diction when I'm spittin'. Here's some of those things.




Any way. I hope to become an active member here. I like this place.


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Welcome to CB, FauxReaL! Glad you decided to join us. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me or any other staff member and we will do our level best to help. I'm looking forward to seeing you posting on the boards!

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"It's like rap music. A whole lot of filler lines with brief moments of extreme serenity." 


I literally said this to my husband today, except I said that life is like a really bad anime that you continue watching anyway because, when it isn't all filler, there is a tremendous amount of substance...just a little... but enough to hold your interest. 

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