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Here's what's coming up for me

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Within the next two weeks, I turn fifty, finish my thesis, defend my thesis, fix a radio station, learn a whole new set of gear for TV, grade sixty papers for a summer class, and a lot more. I wonder what meds I should ask my doc for.

The mania has been a lot less lately, but maybe I need it back now!

My thesis was accepted for "technical review," so that part of it will be done next week. It's just more academic BS bureaucracy, really. But it's a long road from here to done.

Any advice?

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You do not need mania. I'm doing my thesis now, mania and psychosis are the reason it's been stretched out for so many years. Don't risk losing all you've worked for. So not worth it.

I know there can be some positive elements to being manic (at first). Unfortunately you can't use mania like a handy tool that's safely put away when you're done. Be careful.

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