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New here!

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Hi! I'm Max, I'm not quite sure how to introduce myself?

I'm a Biology & Philosophy student (Biology major, Philosophy minor) living in England. I'm on a break from all of that at the moment though as I dropped out due to mental health issues, but I'm due to repeat the academic year from this October. I enjoy procrastinating, petting animals and marathoning shows, preferably a combination of the three.

As for the specific diagnoses I have/things I struggle with: I was diagnosed officially with Asperger's Syndrome as a kid, and have a recent diagnosis of depression. I'm an emotional abuse survivor. I'm pretty sure I have social anxiety and some sleep issues (sometimes it's a ridiculous amount of oversleep, sometimes it's being unable to sleep and waking up after two hours). I deal with some other issues that I find it hard to explain. I'm trying to find adequate mental health care, I received great support as a minor but now I'm over 18 I'm finding it almost impossible to find help.

I joined because I'd like to hang out in a place where people understand these kinds of things. I look forward to meeting you all!

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