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Sick - staying hydrated on lithium?

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I woke with a stomach virus, ugh. It took me til noon to even be able to hold down a sip. I'm taking tiny sips of ice water, but very little. I feel dehydrated, and I've only peed once today.

Assuming I can even take my meds tonight, should I skip the lithium, or would tonight make a difference? I'm on 600mg, and my blood level is pretty consistent at .8

Thank you.

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General advice from doctor's is NOT to try and artificially change your electrolytes if you're taking lithium. Hence the warning of keeping salt in your diet the same (doesn't matter if it's high or low -- just keep it eating the same amount). Consistency is key.

You likely won't even feel the effects of missing a single dose, but definitely call your doctor to discuss, or go to your hospital if they're well-equipped to discuss these matters.

Hope you're okay.


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