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Trazodone to seroquel

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Wrote my pdoc, and told him the Trazodone wasn't working for sleep. So, I'm ditching the 150 mg Trazodone fo 50 mg Seroquel nightly, and can go up to 100 mg Seroquel. What should I expect? I've been on Trazodone seven years now, and it may just be losing its effectiveness. I'll still be on 1250 mg Depakote and 225 mg Effexor daily, which don't bother me physically at all.

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Trazodone didn't work for me for sleep either, and it's been a long time since Seroquel worked by itself, but the other posters have said essentially what I remember. Doses between 25-100 mgs are commonly prescribed for sleep. You may be dopey in the morning, particularly at first. That side effect should wear off as your body gets used to the med. If it doesn't, let your pdoc know.

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Seroquel helped me in terms of mood stability and sleep.....but I had a couple of side effects: sleepiness during the day (go figure) and emotional blunting. This was 100mg/day as an adjunct to some other meds.

It's definitely a good sleep aid, so worth a try. And it should be cheap as chips, too.

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