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Not sure what is side effect/symptom/me

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I saw pdoc the other day. he seemed surprised when I told him I had planned for down time in DisneyWorld because I get so tired. I tell him I have fatigue/sleep issues. That is just an on-going thing.

I also mentioned how I have trouble keeping my train of thought and finding words. I thought maybe it's from topomax. He thinks it is  anxiety, that I am distracted. My husband doesn't notice any difference from before I started it.

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I also plan down time for anywhere I go because I also get very tired.  For me, that could be a side effect or just me, but either way it requires a lot of down-time to sleep.

I can relate to the thought issues too, but am not sure what causes them ... but if I had to guess it would be the long-term effects of the meds.  I know it isn't anxiety for me.  Sometimes I may be distracted, but that isn't usually the case.

I think when YOU notice a difference, it is very real, and because the other people aren't in your shoes, they really have no idea what it is like for you.

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thanks Melissa. That is just it. It really bothers me (both the fatigue and memory- dry mouth, too)  I am glad it isn't as noticeable as it feels, but it still bothers me.

I also get wobbly after walking awhile. On vacation my brother-in-law was giving me a hand down from things (my cousin had us standing up on things to take pictures) I think he noticed.I was fading.

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I'm glad your brother-in-law helped you out.

It all is also inconvenient for me ... like if I need to sleep, it can't always wait; I need to sleep pretty much ASAP.  And getting tired could happen just like that.  Without notice. 

My memory is crap, and it can become embarrassing at times, especially when I can't think of the stupidest thing/word/whatever when I am talking to someone else.

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