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How long should it take for my prolactin levels to normalise after stopping risperidone (if the prolactin increase is indeed caused by the risperidone which isn't completely clear).

Pdoc didn't know and suggested re-testing prolactin in a month after stopping risperidone and I should use the internet to find out how long the risperidone took to clear my system (I kid you not).  I am also going for that month without any antipsychotic at all to try to show that the prolactin imbalance isn't caused by an antipsychotic.  Not looking forward to this although I will manage.  I wonder if the no antipsychotic at all is really necessary?

Prolactin is currently over 2,500.  It isn't causing me any symptoms other than may be the cause of stopped periods (even though they had stopped long before the risperidone).  I wonder if going without anything for a month is the right thing?  Pdoc was going to suggest abilify as a substitute for risperidone but still seemed to want me to wait without anything.  Does abilify commonly affect prolactin too?

Thanks for any advice





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Any med that blocks dopamine can cause elevated prolactin. Abilify is less likely to cause increased prolactin because it is a dopamine partial agonist rather than a full-on antagonist. If I recall correctly, you have a diagnosis of OCD. I am not a doctor, but in my non-expert opinion, I think it is safe to go without an antipsychotic until you see if it was the Risperdal causing the elevated prolactin. (There can be other causes.) I think your doctor is being prudent.

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