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I am not in debt. In my mind I have enough money but part of me also knows I don't.... my mother pointed it out to me and gets angry every time I want to buy something. I have schizoaffective, bipolar type but I have not had a psychotic episode in over 5 years. I am finding it incredibly difficult to control these urges. Do you think this could be the Abilify that could be causing this? Or OCD? Because I never used to be this materialistic. I want want want. Today I had an argument with my mother to take out my share in the house so I could buy my own place. My arguments are not justified. I never need these things I want to buy. I just want those things because I am told I cant' have them that makes me want even more.

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Do you think this could be the Abilify that could be causing this?

I never saw a difference in this being on Abilify since 2003.  Actually, I'm less materialistic now than I was before.  I do buy things that I really *don't* need, but it isn't much.  Whatever else I buy is stuff I will need at one time or another. 

I can't say though the I haven't wasted money on thinks I've bought, because I have.  What I do to help that, is if I find something I want (not need), I wait a couple days and then decide.  Most times the "want" feeling has passed and I end up not buying whatever it is.

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