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For the last 2 or 3 months, my heart rate has been through the roof. It's always over 100, even at rest. My GP chalked it up to caffeine, but I don't believe that. But now, I'm noticing that my blood pressure is raising too. I just seen my Pain Management doctor a couple hours ago, and on the print out sheet he gave me was information about tobacco cessation(I smoke) and hypertension. At my GP appointment a week ago, my blood pressure was 126/80. Today it was 121/81. What the hell is going on here??? Could this be a medication side effect or is there something really wrong with me?

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Anywhere under 120/80 is normal for adults.

American Heart Association and UK guidelines say readings over 140/90 that stay consistently elevated over time are cause for concern.

You aren't substantially over the suggested range.

My blood pressure is usually higher than my resting rate because I usually walk to my appointment and I get anxious around health care providers.

PS-I'm sure you already know this, but quitting smoking can substantially improve your cardiac and respiratory health.

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my blood pressure was around the same as yours the last time it was taken and the doctor never mentioned it being a concern. my heart rate is also really high but it's always been very high so i guess that normal for me.

i have extreme anxiety at doctors offices so that could also be a factor and they probably consider that. 

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Increased blood pressure can also be a side effect of Wellbutrin. But honestly, my doctor would love to have my BP around 120/80. Of course we are all different, but if my blood pressure were 100/60 I'd be feeling very bad.

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