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totally n00bular

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Hi all, rapid cycling bipolar II here.  I'm not sure what to say as to an introduction -- I was diagnosed about eight years ago after thinking for years that I had unipolar depression.  I finally got a decent clinical psychologist who figured me out, and a whole lot of puzzle pieces in my life suddenly fell into place.  All the crazy pointless fighting with my family, the sudden overwhelming rage fits, the unbelievable insomnia, the long string of unfinished projects (I was particularly notorious for this), the strange impulsive things I did from time to time that I had no explanation for afterwards, straight As in the fall term but Ws and Fs for the winter term, ultra-productive at work one day and having to call in sick the next because I was busy lying in the fetal position on the floor of my basement staring at a spot on the wall for six hours, charming and diplomatic one day, crippled by paranoia and unable to talk to anyone the next.

But whereas the diagnosis made my life make sense for the first time ever, the fact that it's a lifelong condition is very demoralizing.

I live in a rural area, and mental health services are pretty much nonexistent here, which is very frustrating.  I have a med regime which works reasonably well, with no noticeable side effects, but it's far from perfect.  The Med Quest continues...


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Getting good MH care in rural areas can be really tough.

If you're not super far from a larger city, it might be worth it to establish care there even if you're going once a month for meds in the beginning.

Welcome to the nuthouse. Feel free to poke around and as Gear said, let us know if you have questions.

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Thanks guys.  The nearest city is three hours' drive away, so it's not really practical -- especially in the winter.  Currently I rely on a clinical psychologist for therapy and a GP for meds, not ideal but a lot better than nothing.

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