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Risperidone weight gain/cravings/side effects

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Yeah I've had this happen at just 1 mg but it didn't last very long. It was just cravings really, I don't know if I've put on any weight but in my case this would have been a good thing since I'm a bit under the last time I checked. Just keep an eye on what you're consuming, making little changes if you want to like switching to fully skimmed milk and attempt to eat fruit of some sort to curb the cravings and hunger and you hopefully will be fine.

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I was on Risperdal Consta for a bit, 4 months at 37.5mg every other week.. I stopped losing weight (which had been a problem for me, so this was good) but I didn't gain. I didn't have any issues with prolactin. I had a normal appetite for me, previously I had no appetite. No changes in my sex life. 

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