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Greetings, Loves & Hugs

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Call me Lisa...

I am a 29 y/o single momma. She is 11, wooaah! I also work in marketing as a writer and designer. I hope to share my story in a book one day to help others.

I came upon this site during a sleepless night and figured I would see what's up and maybe get some support... 

I have not slept well for over a month now and my stomach hurts every time I eat and yet, doctors say there is nothing physically wrong with me. Mind you, this was triggered by a break up with a man I thought I would marry. Stress reaction, much?

Oh yea, I struggle with depression/anxiety/bipolar 2...maybe!? Ten years of dealing with this and I have never gotten a "true" label, i.e. diagnosis. I am also a surivivor of a slue of abuse, including the sexual and physical kind. I've gotten myself into too much trouble because of bad coping strategies, particularly alcohol and food, so I am challenging myself to turn to healthier alternatives.

I see a psychiatrist, talk to certain family and strangers (with good auras) for support. I also take Prozac, wellbutrin, and lamotrogine. Quite the combo, ey? It has been in my system for at least 5 years now and seems to take the edge off depression, for the most part.

Also... I am trying to eat healthy as can be, avoid alcohol, and workout. It's just an uphill battle I hope to one day conquer or at least not cry, sweat, and pant while climbing.

SAY HI! Cheers from Wisconsin. Yea, I know....great place to live when you are trying to avoid booze. ;)


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