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I've been thinking and I feel so disempowered with my life

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My circumstances are that I've slowly lost control of my life and am miserable. My money is controlled by social services and if I fight them to get it back in my control I could possible make things worse, they can say I lack mental capacity. I'm on a CTO (community treatment order) and have to adhere to certain rules and conditions so feel totally trapped. Living situation is supported housing and its like living in prison, I can't run away because social services have my money and I have to ask them and it has to be approved first. I'm seriously contemplating doing something really stupid to myself tonight I feel so lost.

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It sounds pretty bad, but how much longer will you be on the CTO? I was on a CTO but it did finish and now I have more freedom.

I assume it won't be forever, and that you will move through this.

How long do social services have control over your money?

If you really are thinking desperately, perhaps give lifeline or a hotline a call?


We are here for you!

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I just wanted to check in with you today, sj.  Feeling powerless and stuck is a terrible feeling.  I hear you.

Can you think of a goal you could set and try to accomplish?  Sometimes working toward something concrete helps me feel empowered.

Just curious-- if you had access to your money, what would you do with it? 

Do you have a tdoc with whom you could work on goal setting and gaining back some control?


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I'm sorry that going through this makes you feel like crap.  It sounds complicated and it sounds like there are different checks and balances in places to make you feel  responsibility free.  I'm sure they have the best intentions in mind for you but what they're not realizing is that it's robbing you of your freedom.  I too have been in humiliating living situations (battered women's shelters) where I had to trade in my freedom for their protection....So maybe,in the meantime, you could look at your situation as a give and take one......Does that make sense?

Love ya Jacket,


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