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Prazosin PTSD and knowing you have it

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I wasn't getting enough prazosin. Only four mg. So I already knew I had it, I just wasn't getting enough. So I'm going to go into the doc and tell him that I took six mg on purpose cause I couldn't deal with the nightmares. Maybe that will be enough proof to him he doesn't need to worry about that or it's on to a new doctor.



If you can hardly read this it's because I goofed some where but IDK where lol. My doc would only go to 4 because he fear hypertension.....Wulp tried six and the nightmares went away and I was fine.

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Um, I think you may have misheard your doc or you meant HYPOtension?  Meaning unhealthily LOW blood pressure.

 Prasozin's an old blood pressure med, it drops your blood pressure. 

So, like, taking too much could result in orthostatic hypotension when you wake up?

standing up rapidly and blacking out. Or just blacking out al fresco, but it's more likely when standing, and IIRC prasozin is short-acting, so in the morning.

If you had high blood pressure more prasozin would be good, I think?

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I take 10mg every night. I think your doc was concerned about HYPOtension (low blood pressure) not hyper. I have hypertension so I can take higher doses and it helps with the nightmares and lower my blood pressure. Two for one!

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