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hypomania honeymoon

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its been a quiet ride for about three months, lamictals got me nearly forgetting im bipolar, just little hints here and there.

but hypomania hit me suddenly today..its in that great stage (honeymoon stage, hah!) i cleaned for hours (ever cleaned your dishwasher filter? cause you should. its horrifying) and all i want to do (or i guess, all i AM doing) is drinking diet coke and staying up all night. watching some documentaries.

i messaged my therapist and im going in to see him this week...i have matured and learned a lot, and i know now to reach out when things get a touch unstable. even though it doesnt look bad, and its not dramatic, and it probably wont last long...i gotta keep watching this stuff.

just felt like talking, sharing, hoping theres some others in this state and we can all sympathize. i was trying to tell a friend how lately i wake up SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED about the day and my life and whats going to happen that it presents as anxiety and makes it near impossible to actually do all those things or stick to one...

okay. enough. join in.

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