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I have a delusion that's been hanging around for four and a half to five years. The Universe is sending me messages, tries to communicate with me,and guides me so I can learn things about reality and nature. Sinse this doesn't go away, I've decided it must be real,and not a delusion. Other delusions have come and gone, but this is persistant. I've also learned a lot about the universe, so it must be real. What do you think?

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I have this exact delusion when I'm experiencing psychosis. Well sort of, the universe sends me messages at the atomic level (atoms are living). Anyway, you can have symptoms of psychosis that linger during relatively stable periods. You can even hear things or see things while still mostly being okay. This is one of the reasons I was changed from having been diagnosed bipolar 1 (12 years ago) to being diagnosed with schizoaffective (this year). I had lingering psychosis symptoms outside of mania.

You should still report this to your doctor, though.

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I would talk to your pdoc about it.  Idk if it is true or not, but it couldn't hurt bringing it up.  Maybe you need a med tweak?

I had delusions for about 10 years, and finally after the meds started working and I had a better coctail, the delusions calmed down.  I still want to believe them, but know they aren't true anymore.

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