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has anyone ever taken this for anxiety? My doctor suggested this to me because sedatives make me very drowsy and sleepy that I can't focus at work.

This makes me very drowsy as well too. If anyone who has taken this can please tell me their experience with it. I am taking it for social anxiety, phobia, and OCD symptoms.

I started at 100mg day/night .. it has been like 2 weeks now but I still feel drowsy and sleepy after 1 or 2 hours that I take it.



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I used to take Neurotin for pain last year, but I wasn't really paying attention to the mental illness symptoms because I just found out a couple months ago that Neurotin was even used as a MI drug. When I was on it, I was taking 600mgs 3 times a day. When I first started taking it, I wasn't "drowsy", but it gave me this weird sort of "head high" i guess. It only last a week or two once my body adjusted to the medication. I never had a problem with Neurotin, but I took it for pain. I know a couple people on here have taken it for reason other than pain, so hopefully they'll gibe you their experiences. I just thought I'd share the half experience I've had with it.

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I was on it, up to 4,000 mg/day, and didn't find it helpful, so I weaned off ... however I found that the weaning off part was hell.

I was prescribed trazodone to sleep, and even though it didn't make me sleepy (it actually slowed down the hallucinations instead), my pdoc told me it was common for a lot of people to help them sleep.

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I take 400-500mg gabapentin (Neurontin) at night to help me with sleep. If I tried to take it during the day I totally would feel drowsy/sedated during the day. 

In fact, I've started taking an extra 100mg in the middle of the night to help me get back to sleep and I still feel "hung over" at 10:30 this morning.

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