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I feel hopeless that I will ever find a med that curbs my anxiety! Some helped a little,  some made it worse, some caused reactions.

I've tried celexa, welbutrin (heart palpitations), cymbalta, prozac (crazy dreams), paxil (majorly increased anxiety post partum), lexapro, zoloft (fizzled out after being on it forever), buspar (majorly increased anxiety). Currently on Effexor xr 225 and Nuvigil 200mg. The Nuvigil has been a life saver. I have no energy and any med I've ever been on has made my tiredness even worse. Nuvigil gives me a slightly happy euphoric feeling which is wonderful but it has severely lessened now that Ive been taking it so long. 

I thought I liked Effexor at first but now I'm not so sure. I'm having some break through panic and I feel like I have dementia!  I'll be thinking of something I want to Google and I'll open Google and forget what I was looking for.  its like my brain is fuzzy. It's all the time and as I thought more about it,  it seemed to correlate to when I started getting to a higher dose of Effexor. So, I started researching and found that lots of other people are having the same problem which they link to Effexor. Im ready to be off of it but I feel like there are no other meds for me to try and I hear that coming down from Effexor is hell. Ugh what to do?  I take 1 mg ativan prn as well.  I just want to function and to lose some of this weight I've gained since starting meds years ago.

 Medless I'm a walking panic attack so that's not an option. My panic is super fun. It's usually not caused by anything and hits me out of the blue.  I always think I'm dying. It used to be that my attacks manifested as heart palpitations which made me freak out. Now they have soooo kindly turned into feeling like I'm going to pass out/can't breathe/my asthma inhaler isn't helping and I'm going to die  (on a side note, I have new asthma inhalers that I am supposed to be starting but I can't bring myself to because all the commercials mention an increased risk of asthma related fatality.

ugh ugh ugh that's all I have to say about that.

Sorry for this rambling nonsensical post. Im hiding under the blanker so I don't annoy my hubby who is sleeping beside me. It's not very conducive to proper sentence structure or grammar ;)

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I've said it on similar topics: you're not near to running out of meds to try, don't worry about that. There's still combinations to try and the other groups of antidepressants like tricyclics. If truly nothing works then I'd imagine that antipsychotics might be suggested, I know mine has helped my anxiety.

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