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Hey everyone, I was pointed to this forum by a friend of mine, and was told great things about it. I hope you're all well, and here's a little bit about myself...

I'm 22 years old, I sing, play piano and guitar, adore anything with 4 legs (I own 3 rats and 2 cavies) and I attempt to draw every now and again.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar type 2 at 17, then BPD at 19 (was anyone else aware that a community nurse can make a diagnosis?), then back to Bipolar 2 at 21. I also suffer from body dysmorphia and GAD which means I don't really leave the house much...well can't. Currently on Lithium after having a horrific time with meds over the past 3 years, and I'm pretty hopeful about it working.

I guess the main reason I'm here is that I don't have many friends IRL to relate to about my problems and situation, and the support I'm getting from my mental health team is far from doing anything to really help. I just want to feel like I belong somewhere, and have people there who actually know and get what I'm going through.

Anyway, that's enough from me. Hope you're all well, enjoy your day xx

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Welcome! I'm glad you found us, and you should find plenty of people who can relate to what you've been through.  Feel free to join in on the forums whenever you're ready, and contact me or another member of staff if you have any questions.


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