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Grrr.  Here I am at work, calling people, and guess what???  NO ONE IS THERE.  I call Hospitals and No supervisors are around.  CAN I GO HOME NOW????  This is pointless.  And the deal with my boss is that we can't mention anything - we just have to wait until he says something.  Grrr.  AND my boss is my frickin' DAD and I STILL can't say anything. 


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Ditto - I'm at work too but can't get anything done so browsing here!  I'm not even hiding it, so you'd think they'd get a clue and send me home.

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psssst.... (Try to look busy and think about how much they are paying you to do nothing).

Or, I used to daydream about walking out the door, getting into a big rig truck and never coming back, just cruising the highways.  Abandon the house, car, kids, wife (ok, no wife or kids, just literary tools) and leave them all wondering what happened to me.

My other fantasy was about being "Old AirMarshall" down at the marina, coffee cup always in hand.  Selling worms and bait and helping tie up peoples boats.  A little shabby, run down at the heels, a little mysterious, but a pleasant fixture at the waterfront.

Sometimes you have to escape anyway you can.

a.m.  (hope you are off work by now).

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some dude

in John D McDonald,

Travis Magee novel,

Bahia Mar.

Don't get killed.

we would miss you.

(the poor sap,always gets it)

Travis only saves Pretty women.

Been watching Bogart movies,


Bacall was hot.


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bummer - worked until 5 on friday and back at it for more than 8 hours today - the entire business complex has 2 cars in it...mine and the boss's

anyone else, not in retail, have to work either/both days?

i'm still not hiding the browsing, but did get a lot of work done this am before i started - 3.2 hours to go before locking up

christmas didn't even suck as much as most years, because it just made the two days very short after getting my regular chores/errands done and attending a friend's bday party because so many people were too busy with christmas to realize how hard his GF worked on it and that he needed us for reasons not mine to share

i'll tak A.M.'s advice and do some busy work next and let my brain wander...somewhere warm, i think

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