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I've been taking Wellbutrin XL 150 for a little over 3 weeks now and it seems to always make me sleepy. When I was prescribed it, my psychiatrist said it would wake me up and to take it in the day. Anyone else notice drowsiness from it? I'm wondering if I can take it in the night. I used to be on celexa and I took that at bed time. Does anyone have experience taking wellbutrin at bed time? Everything I've come across says it's to be taken in the am.

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I'm on 200mgs on Wellbutrin SR and it doesn't make me drowsy. However, it doesn't give me all this energy that alot of people described from taking it. I was also on Celexa prior to being on Wellbutrin, and also took it at bed time. I guess this is just proof that medicine works different for everyone. A lot of people have so much energy from Wellbutrin, whereas I feel absolutely nothing. I'd ask your pdoc about taking it a bedtime before you do it. It may not feel like it's giving you energy now, but it might feel different if it keeps you up all night. Good luck!

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