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Hi. I'm Jade. I'm 42, and I live in Western New York, not too far from Buffalo. I was diagnosed bipolar when I was 13, and since then, I have "earned" other diagnoses, such as schizoaffective, PTSD, anxiety, and, most recently, BPD. When I say recently, I'm talking about last week. I'm trying to find out what I can, but I feel like I've been segregated from the rest of human kind. It's very disconcerting.

I am the victim of sexual abuse, by four men, from the age of 5 until 23. I tend to gloss over that part of my life.

Not much else to say, really. I'm married to a wonderful man, for almost 23 years. I have one child, a daughter. She's 21. I also have four cats, two rats, three mice, and a bird. I love to read, and listen to music almost all the time. Music helps me ignore the voices. I also write, and I have compiled two books of poetry. 

Thanks for listening to me ramble. I look forward to meeting like-minded people.


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Hi, Jade, and welcome to CB! I'm glad you found us. I had to smile when you talked about your cats, rats, mice and a bird. Reminds me of a Warner Bros. cartoon. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM and staff member including myself. I'm glad you joined.

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