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Hi all

Without going into War & Peace, I had a really realy bad mental break in 2009 that took me a long, long time to come back from, including being on Quetiapine (700mg at one point). Fast forward to 2015, I sufficiently recovered with meds hugely reduced and relocated to a new city in January for a new (demanding job). 

I now appear to have post-concussion after a sparring session at a martial arts gym 1 month ago, which has knocked me sideways mentally - memory/concentration/motivation all dropped to the bottom of the ocean, feels like I've had a frontal lobotomy!! I'm on 100mg quetiapine and I sleep better than before the concussion oddly enough.

My understanding is concussion can severely impact cognitive functions and cause depression/anxiety in 'mentally healthy' people for a whole number of reasons, including actual damage to the brain (especially pituitary), and changes in neurotransmitters. However, my (newish) GP seems to think that this is actually a flare up of my depression.


While no one can diagnose over the web, does anyone have an opinion on the likelihood of this being 

>A depression relapse?

>Psychological symptoms triggered by head trauma and worry/anxiety over subsequent cognitive difficulties?

>Possible hormone crash from pituitary gland damage/malfunction?


I'm also thinking if quetiapine is actually exacerbating poor cognitive function and motivation since the head trauma - especially with feeling dopey/spaced out and maybe they now need to try some other chemicals to wake my brain up instead (assuming I still have one after the numerous punches to the head) as it appears to have gone asleep??



ps I have a prior appointment tomorrow with a pdoc that was originally scheduled to discuss cessation of quetiapine... this is now going to pan out a little differently than I'd previously hoped 

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I had a bad concussion last year and I felt awful for at least 1-2 months afterwards and slowly improved from there.  Concussions are no joke - I never understood before I had one how much they can knock you flat.  If you're really suffering, you might consider asking for a referral to a neurologist or a doc who specializes in concussions (we have a concussion clinic here).  I never did because I felt like I was trending up and I was willing to just give it time.  I also had a GP who knew me and was following me pretty closely.  But if you're worried about some kind of demonstrable brain injury, it might be worth a try.

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Thanks for the replies all... :)!!!

I tried my little experiment with knocking the dose of quetiapine down on Sunday night (from 100 to 87.5mg) and on Monday morning I felt the best in over a month, full motivation to do stuff from wake up, with a strong gut instinct telling me I'd turned a corner with recovering from concussion.

obviously as predicted, my appointment with the pdoc went something like this...

me:  "what do you know about post concussion syndrome?"

pdoc: "I've heard about it, but not much" (this is already a very bad omen)

me: rambles on about concern over rapid decline in my cognitive abilities / anxiety & depression since being repeatedly punched in the head in the name of sport

pdoc: rambles on about this being a bad sign (especially the moment I raise my concern around brain damage from head trauma) - as this now sounds very much like my in-remission depression flaring up and needs sorting ASAP

me: realising he is viewing this all through my severe depression from 5 years ago, but I agree that my mood needs sorting regardless of cause 

He offers me paroxetine, I decline on...  'ahem', certain well-known SSRI side effects lol. He ventures Venlafaxine, I'm still not won, I venture Wellbutrin, he wasn't won as didn't have much experience prescribing it, so we eventually agree on Trazodone; with concerns about interaction with quetiapine causing over sedation. I took 150mg last night plus 87.5mg of quetiapine and I woke up around 5am feeling like I was drowning in my own body. Woke up at around 8, feeling very groggy, stumbled to the bathroom mirror and my eyes looked like I'd spent a weekend partying in Amsterdam. Rung work / HR at 9 and spoke to them like some kind of drunk! I felt lobotomized/hungover all day :/


Conclusion. 150mg is overkill for my current situation and especially with Quetiapine.   Anyone else have experience of this mind-numbing combo??

Rang Pdoc who agreed to cut dose to 75mg to review Friday, other options the venlafaxine... or maybe Wellbutrin. I rang back later, told his secretary "I will not be taking it tonight as I now have migraine-type headache. I will restart on 75mg Wednesday night, but will discontinue if sedation persists" I plan to discuss options with Pdoc on Friday.  

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