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How does Nortriptyline compared to Wellbutrin?

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In the past I tried 300mg Wellbutrin for 6 weeks. It didn't do much at all.

Now I wonder if I wanted to try a NRI as an add-on to a SSRI simply to see if NRI + SSRI works better than SSRI alone

should I still go back to Wellbutrin? I didn't get any side effects from it. Or wouldn't it make sense to try a drug as add-on which

already didn't really work on its own?

In this case would Nortriptyline be better? But I don't know if it could also be added to a SSRI. But generally from what I read Nortrip

has more side effects than Wellbutrin which sucks. I read a study where they compared both drugs concerning the cardiological safety profile

and they said that wellbutrin is safer than Nortrip.

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