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Started SI after several years of absence

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I recently had a suicide attempt by self injury. I chickened out when I hit an artery and it scared me enough to call EMS to help me out. Ever since then, I've had a strong desire to SI and last night and tonight I've carried out on these compulsions. The last time I regularly harmed myself was several years ago... I thought I was done with this stuff. I also have to admit that i've been drinking alcohol and isolating from people: I know I'm going through a depressive episode. Last month I spent a few weeks inpatient... and I don't want to go back there. I'm about to start college later this month and I really need to have it together. I guess I'm just looking to very or some understanding about what I'm going though.

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It definitely can feel like we go backwards from time to time.

Usually what that means is something in our life circumstances has changed and our coping skills are getting out weighed by stressors.

Sounds like a good time to re-assess your coping skills and see where they need some shoring up?


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I didn't S/H for about 5 yrs, now after a number of things I have started again. It's never really left me though, ive had that urge non stop but just not acted on it until a few months ago. But at the moment its getting me through the day, I am going to see my doctor about it but not right away. I'm just not ready to talk about my past with her just yet. If I get scared that i'm going to go any further I have my sister that I can talk to. She will understand me better than anyone else as she has also self harmed for many many yrs. Its nice to be able to put a comment like this out there to people I don't know and not to be judged, TOP TIP: always try to have someone you can go to when you feel you may go too far, even if it's just a helpline number you can make a note of... keep safe. 

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As a teen I would SI I haven't done it in over 22 years but last night something snapped. I am more then likely going to be getting divorced after 12 years. I mostly blame myself because my depression has been so debilitating at times. I took my husband for granted that he'd never leave me and he's now or has been for awhile checked out. The past couple of weeks I've been really depressed, no energy, no will power for anything and I'm just an empty shell. Last night the conversation we were having at my attempt to try and hopefully fix what I've destroyed made him leave the room he didn't want to hear anymore he was done. I grabbed a razor walked out to him looked him in the face and said now do you get it now do you see my pain? And started cutting. It terrified him and really made him not want to work on things because he can't handle it. As sick as it is it made me feel better.. For the moment. Now I'm so embarrassed, sick about it. My daughter who's 10 did not see the cutting but she saw the after math along with my mother who he called to come and deal with me. I do not feel suicidal but of course that's everyone's perception of It that doesn't even know what SH is. Usually it's such a secret act why would I share that with him what would possess me after 22 years to do that again?

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For me when I self harmed Nicky it was because I felt worthless, and helpless and had no control over the situation I was in and also didn't know how to deal with strong feelings I was having. Everyone is different and have there own reasons for SI.  Maybe it wouldn't hurt to get some treatment to learn some better coping skills and talk to someone about all that's going on in your life.  So sorry your going through this now Nicky.  Been having strong urges myself to si lately , yesterday began DBT with my counselor so hoping this helps.  Wishing you well.

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    • By SoFuckingWhat
      Alright, let's do this. Long story short, I had an amazing childhood, plenty of friends, loving family, I was outgoing, life was just awesome.  Fast forward to middle school (8th grade), I suddenly become shy out of o where. Lost friends, became a loner, got teased/bullied daily. Same shit happened in high school, except it was worse. I thought things would be better once I got into college, and guess the fuck what? It has never been this bad.
      Frankly, I don't understand why I'm picked on. I think it's bc I'm so quiet/shy and people take advantage of that. Any fucking ways. I'm sick of it, and I'm ready to bounce. 
      So, basically I've developed depression, aniexiy, horrible social skills, and blah blah blah. I don't wanna bore you. You get the picture though. I've done lots of research and I found a painless, peaceful way to die. I could do it anytime I want, BUT IM SO FUCKING SCARED. I'm terrfied of the after-life. I'm Christian, and I don't know if suicide is a forgivable sin. One day I was watching a horror movie, and a woman had acid poured on her face, and her flesh was burning and melting. And I thought...THAT COULD FUCKING BE ME IF I DID IT.
      I know, a fix to my worries is to endure a miserable life in order to avoid eternal torture, but I seriously can't. Some people might say, "omg shut up life is hard for everyone, suck it up". I couldn't care less about those people. You expect me to continue my misery because you're telling me that I should? Fuck outtaaaaaaa here. 
      There are other factors/consequences for my actions, like hurting my family. I thought about it for nearly 4 years and I'm going to be selfish and do it anyways. All that crap people say about "it will get better" is not true. There's something else I'm not mentioning because I'm too embarased to say (the main reason for this suicide), but let's just say that I cannot have any social life or even a job because of it. I cannot be around people. I cannot make a living because a job requires an interview and  co-workers. I'm barely getting through college, and my grades are struggling because I skip classes (since it's a huge room filled with 600+ people). I don't eat or go to the dinning halls bc again...people. I literally have nothing to live for. I don't mind the isolation, in fact, it's the only time I'm at peace. But I can't be isolated forever. I hope I'm making sense. Anyways. 
      I need some thought about this. If you're reglious,  do you think I will be forgiven? If you're not, do you think life after death is peaceful? 
    • By Jane7of9
      I used to cut myself a lot. I never did a lot of damage, but it got to the point where I felt like I couldn't stop. I've been doing better for a long time, but a recent wave of anxiety and depression has me tempted to relapse. I hate admitting that I still have this problem in my twenties. I guess I was hoping it was something I could grow out of.

      Thanks for listening. Any advice or encouragement would be more than welcome. Is there someone else that feels this way?
    • By amyresearch
      Hi, my name is Amy Kaukiainen and I’m completing a fourth year honours project at the University of Queensland as part of the requirements for the Bachelor of Psychological Science program.
      The topic of my project focuses on the effects that using Internet message and discussion boards may have on self-injury. I have recruited several participants via a student participation scheme at the University of Queensland but in order for my questionnaire to reach as many people as possible I am now beginning to approach discussion boards and social media pages dedicated to self-injury.
      The survey is very quick and is completely anonymous. It is also possible to exit the study at any time. At the end of the questionnaire we recommend online free published resources which may be helpful. If you are interested in being apart of this research please press the link below, which will take you to the beginning of the survey. Again the website is secure and totally anonymous.
      Thank you in advance.  
    • By HumanInProgress
      My biggest drawback is my poor stress-response. When I get stressed, my ability to think and react appropriately flies away. I become ridiculously forgetful, and my social anxiety issues go through the roof. The idea of leaving the house or talking to other humans makes my skin crawl, so that if I have to force myself to do it, like at work, I end up dissociating and letting the girls handle it… And while they mean well, none of them are exactly well-versed in dealing with humans either.
      Then, if I perceive the issue that is causing the stress to be something insurmountable, it drives me instantly down into depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.

      I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as aware of this process until right now. I’ve had more good moods than bad ones lately, and they’ve lasted longer than they have in more than a year, too. I took this to mean that I’m getting close to being back on the “normal” side of the cycle again. Until I got an email on Friday from my landlord’s lawyer that simply read: “I am afraid time has run out. I will be filing at sheriff on Monday." That’s tomorrow.

      I’ve already had an eviction hearing, and my landlord was granted the right to evict me. But they told me they would let me stay to give me time to get my insurance company to pay out what they owe me, and if I could make up the back rent they wouldn’t evict. Now, five months behind in rent, my time has run out, and all I can do about it is sit here on this bed and not move. Intrusive thoughts of self-harm are hammering away at my brain, but every time I manage to push one away, two take its place. I want to react. I want to take action. I want to go to my landlord and beg him for more time. But I want to get drunk. I want to cut. I want to die. There are two alters who support the self-harm idea, and two who don’t. Unfortunately, the two who don’t aren’t exactly galvanizing to do anything productive about our situation either, and of the two who support self-harm, one wants me dead.

      I’m not sure how this day is going to play out.
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