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news for my fellow insomniacs

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dear all my fellow insomniacs,

looking at previous posts, you can notice i've been suffering from insomnia for too long.

lately, I finally started seeing a MD who is both a psychiatrist and sleep medicine specialist.

it's very expensive but it's working where I'm downing my seroquel dosage as I work with this doctor.

i suggest you all see one like this.

psychiatrists lack the knowledge in sleep. sleep docs lack the knowledge in sleeping pills.

but the ones who specialize in both know both.

i'm on the road to finally fall asleep naturally without a pill. (as i haven't done since 2012).

anyways, seroquel is a hell of a drug. (like cocaine is to rick james).

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I'm really glad your DR is helping you.

My neuro specializes in sleep medicine also, and he had me keep a sleep log for 2 months.  Didn't really help, but eventually he put me on provigil so I would stay awake/sleep in longer chunks of time.  It seems to help because i am not sleeping every minute of the day.

How did your DR help you?

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Too much information to summarize in one post.

But basically a no bs approach that cognitive therapy seems to be taking often.

I know for most of us, cognitive therapy doesn't do anything because we already know the drills (sleep hygiene, etc) but they just don't work.

They have many medical/psychiatric approaches to brainwash your mind to sleep naturally.

for example, I used to have sleep anxiety where even if I felt a bit sleepy, the moment I lay down, I became wide awake and start worrying about whether i'll fall asleep that night (pull all nighters all the time).

now i don't have that anymore.

anyway, there a lot more to cover. but you should try one out.

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