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I am confused as I have tried these meds for anxiety and OCD - mostly just the O though, compulsions are more annoying people and myself, no rituals. maybe some ptsd

prozac - 120mg - for several months - calmed me down to much, didn't care got fat, slept, etc.

stopped and just took klonopin for a while but i need something else for the ocd part.

Had tried paxil a couple times and wound up with some skipping heart beats, etc.  sucked.

tried zoloft for a couple weeks and pdoc told me to stop because of stomach upset.

Now trying zoloft again, been doing it for over a month at 50mg, just makes me to damn tired.

I asked this new nurse advance practioner -RN I found who seems quite decent compared to my other pdoc's who sucked and she says to stick with the zoloft another week and if no better she wants me to try effexor.

I had tried lexapro in the past and that worked OK at 10mg where I was calmer and all but still a bit tired.  However, I wonder if I had got up to 20mg then maybe the anxiety and ocd would have been much better and for the tired-unmotivated stuff the wellbutrin might be a good choice/

I guess I am looking at that combo as opposed to effexor because of the awful discontinuation stuff and potential for cholesterol and high blood pressure?

I like the fact lexapro is a low dose

right now I have klonopin .5 twice a day, ambien cr at night, and then if I could find something for the daytime I would be good.

Anyone try lunesta compared to ambien?

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I've used both Ambien and Lunesta. I prefer Ambien for one reason: Lunesta gives me the most hideous taste. It's a side effect that hits some people; I'm one of the lucky few. The bad taste lasts all the next day for me. Again, you may not have this SE.

As far as sleep, I thought they were about the same. Both put me to sleep, and I slept fairly sound -- with one little exception. With the Lunesta I'd actually wake up from time to time 'cause the taste was so bad! (But I was able to get back to sleep, no problem.)

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Its hard to create a combo that does exactly the same thing as effexor.

An SSRI + remeron could work, but thew weight effects are bad.

An SSRI + reboxetine or strattera may well do the trick. Then there is always wellbutrin to through into the mix if necessary.

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