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Halt and Catch Fire

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I hope that got your attention, great show, I guess it can describe me in a little way, I was something between Gordon and Joe. Now I am neither. Diagnosis - is it important - anyway it took a month of psych testing, having a manic attack and being involuntarily sectioned, mixing my own mental resilience that I learned through great suffering and the three Ds - Disassociation, Depersonalization, Desensitivization (or PTSD as some call it) for them to come up with a diagnosis of Spectrum Disorder NOS, Personality Disorder NOS. So I get to feel special, like I said, it doesn't matter beyond my Obamacare what I am. I am me, a person, someone with dreams and desires. I hope to get to know members of the forum, I was referred by google, since I do really feel alone with my weirdness, and it is eating up my life in many ways, but I hope there is a silver lining. I am starting a blog using wordpress on my site, and twitter to express all the racing thoughts I have currently (i'm still a bit manic, time to seroquelize myself to sleep) and learn about others and myself through them.


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