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hey everyone. 

so i was talking 120 mg of latuda but i was always woozy and nauseated so i have gone down to 100. i take 20mg in the morning and 80 at night currently. the dizziness and nausea has gotten better but i still get really tired in the middle of the day. anyone experience this? im thinking of skipping my morning dose tomorrow and taking all of it at night so that i wont be fatigued in the day time, but im not sure if this is going to work. my next step i would think (i havent talked to the pdoc about this yet) would be to go down to 80 mg but i couldnt sleep on that dose. as a result, i had to take 50mg of seroquel in addition to the 80 mg of latuda to sleep. i did that for a few months and have now gone off the seroquel since increasing my latuda dose to 100mg. 

has anyone had this problem? what fixed it? im going to start volunteering in a lab soon so id like this to be sorted out as soon as possible so that it doesnt interfere with my work. 

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