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I can understand how it could be hard keeping any orientation other than bi . . .

Perhaps you could go into a bit more detail with what you mean by that?


at some point or other, it seems people freak out when faced with the realization that the only definitive position (on many things, maybe not binary - 0 or 1) is one of ambivalence.

mmm. ambivalence.

there's a whole bisexuality thread somewhere here. thank you cerebrus.


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^God bless wikipedia.

Labels...while they do make it easier to talk about certain things, giving us the language to use to communicate certain ideas, I find they're very seldom completely accurate.  MOST people are at least a little bi according to Kinsey, and idea I'm somehow really comfortable with despite my identifying as "gay".  That having been said, the term "Bi" implies "two" and leaves out anyone on the transgender spectrum.  So maybe that is accurate for you, maybe it's not.  As far as "maintaining bi status", I think you're referring to visibility.  it tends to REALLY piss me off when people in the gay and lesbian communities are all uppity about people who don't identify the same way, tending more towards their heterosexual oppressors than they realize.  Compulsory heterosexuality becomes compulsory heterosexuality OR homosexuality, but not both.  i'm ranting, I think, but...am I close to what you're getting at?

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