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Fetzima SE's, should I be concerned?

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I started Fetzima 4 days ago with the titration pack (after a failed Nefazodone experiment). 20mg the first 2 days and 40mg the past 2 days. At any rate, I've been experiencing a lot of side effects. Most of which were expected such as: nausea, loss of appetite, hyperhidrosis, mild constipation and some sexual dysfunction. All of which I don't mind too much at the moment in the hopes that most, if not all of it, fades away.

I am concerned, however, of the following: Every few minutes it feels like my hair is raising on my head, this is accompanied by a vaguely uncomfortable sensation like a low voltage of electricity running through my head. Goosebumps often accompanies it. Lots of jitteriness/anxiety since I've bumped up to 40mg. Finally, I already had insomnia to begin with, but it seems to be getting worse. I'm already on 3mg Lunesta every night. Sleep onset is no problem (never was), and I used to suffer from the typical early morning awakenings. Now it's early morning awakenings, plus multiple awakenings through the night that leave me very restless and wanting to move about/pace.

Does anyone know if these are "normal". I have a suspicion that it's the NE effect at play here, but never had this response to other SNRI's. Definitely less agitating than SSRI's, but still a concern.

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