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Fetzima should it stay or should it go?

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Hi, I've written on here a few times, but I'm just not sure what to do. I've been on fetzima for about a year and a half and I have sever constipation, my hairs falling out, I have nose bleeds alot. My pdoc also put me on seroquel and I'm gain weight from that and I already weigh 287lbs. I can't afford to gain anymore weight. I'm already prediabeteic. And I have PCOS. I told her not to put me on the seroquel because in the past I gained so much weight. Im trying not to but it makes me so hungry. Even if I eat the right stuff its to much. Plus the seroquel makes me so tired. I have bipolar depression. I also take geodon, lamictal, ativan. But the depression is so bad. Its under control right now but I cant had the constipation especially and the weight gain. What else can I take? My pdoc suggested latuda in the past. But I dont sleep at night. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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