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Hello! I found this site while wandering around google. Nice place it seems, so I joined. People like me here to talk to about my problems and listen to theirs.

Anyway, in my signature you can see my Rx and Dx. But I figure Ill give a bit of a background.

I am 23. I have been dealing with depression for a large chunk of my life, starting around 8 or so. It wasn't good, but it was manageable on my own. Until around 18 where I was in a healthy relationship (going on for about 2 years at that point). He then committed suicide out of no where. I felt guilty although I knew I wasn't to blame, I still couldn't help but feel responsible. At that point my depression spiraled out of control; I started to self harm and I honestly stopped eating most of the time. I lost control and through friends and family found help through medication and therapy. Although It has significantly helped, I still feel depressed most of the time, and have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia; But I am eating most of the time again, as well as anxiety eases off a little.

As of now: I still self harm, I have become an alcoholic, but currently have a good job that pays well and home-life isnt too bad at all at least.
Thanks for taking a listen, and I hope to become something in this community.

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