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i have been on various meds for the last 1.5years

over the last year i have put on 15kgs (33lbs i think not good at maths) i am not going to blame this solely on meds, it was a combination of going from regular exercise to no exercise, blanced diet to binge eating high sugar high carb foods plus taking a roller coaster of meds.

now i am on the following med cocktail introduced to me about two weeks ago Epilim, Zyprexa, Avanza all at relatively low levels enough to keep me in the medical theraputic range though.

i lost 1kg last week. is it possible that a life style change back to regular daily exercise, balanced diet and my meds could i lose the weight i put on? or am i doomed to spend the rest of my dying days stuck at this weight which has just crept into the BMI overweight category?

please tell me with hard work this damage i have done to my body can be undone. i know i cant lose the illness but can i lose the weight.

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When I was in my early 20's, I was carrying around an extra 35 pounds from college.  (pizza, beer, bad eating habits).  I put myself on a balanced diet and took up yoga and lost it all.  Yes, you can do it.  Put exercise in the equation and you'll feel great.

good luck


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